Vlaams Bouwmeester Open Oproep 2703 Groenplaats Winner


Our multidisciplinary team winner of the Open Oproep 2703 Groenplaats-Antwerpen competition.

"We are pleased to announce that the jury of the Open Oproep 2703 Groenplaats, organized by the Team Vlaams Bouwmeester and Stad Antwerpen, proclaim the multidisciplinary team Atelier Veldwerk, ARCADIS, Moritz&Simon Architects, Ney+Partners and NP-Bridging winners of the competition. According to the jury the design proposal reinterprets the historical division of the square proposing a reversal ‘built to green’. By dividing the space into three clearly defined areas, the design offers a clear and readable square, a simple structure and a scale of the space enabling different experiences. The draft proposal, although considered a ‘sneuvelplan’, offers an answer to several design requirements remaining flexible enough to absorb further modifications without losing its simple structure.Read more