Waterfront Masterplan, Thane (IN)

The Ulhas river valley historically was composed of small villages within open agricultural land characterized by valuable ecotopes. More recently under the important demographic and economical pressure of Mumbai, the valley is rapidly changing. Traffic intensity and pollution is increasing everyday and land use is rapidly mutating from agriculture to urban developments. Agricultural land with its important ecotopes and the qualitative environments of the river valley are rapidly disappearing.

The Waterfront Masterplan offers the opportunity to engender a sustainable developments, able to combine environmental, social and economic value within the river valley. The masterplan proposes a close relation with nature, allowing to reconciliate developments with the maintenance and the expansion of existing ecotopes. Further more, the intention is to expand this approach to the entire valley, producing a sustainable development centered on the river and in direct relationship with the mountains, Thane and Biwhandi. The intention is to use the waterfront as the foundation for a new urban structure at regional scale, offering large open spaces and facilities that help the high density developments and the adjacent city centre to breath. The wish to create connected open spaces within the waterfront and to restore the river’s integrity will bring a new kind of harmony between the people and their natural environment. A distinct and identifiable new urban structure. Based on the Conceptual Plan and in close confrontation with stakeholders and representatives of the different social groups, nine principles have emerged. The nine principles try to sum up concerns and main objectives of Thane Municipal Coorporation. These principles express the essential elements of the Thane Waterfront vision, they address the role of the river for the city and the region, they will serve as a benchmark with which all future development proposals should be addressed.

Study: 2012

Execution: 2013

Design & Engineering: NP-BRIDGING, Grassroots, IMOB

Client: Thane Municipality Corporation

Location: Thane, India, Mumbai region

Status: Masterplan Completed