Promenade Bridge, Nijmegen (NL)

The Promenade Bridge connects the De Hoge Bongerd district with the island of Veur-Lent. It is specifically intended for pedestrians and cyclists, and only the future island inhabitants will be permitted to use cars. The Promenade Bridge provides the main access to the island and must create a lively atmosphere in keeping with the environment of the water and the city.

The deck will have all the qualities of an ‘urban plaza’ and the character of a square: with the enjoyment of beautiful vistas as a starting point. The axis of the bridge is aligned with the church that rises from the centre of Nijmegen. The length of 220 metres is bridged in five spans of 30, 52, 56, 52 and 30 metres respectively. To achieve this span, the concrete bridge deck is folded into an omega-shape in order to obtain a greater structural depth, thereby generating ideal arch forces between the support points on either side of the axis line. The bridge deck is doubled up towards the middle to create a public space both above and under the deck. The side facades are slightly inclined so that they can be used for the erection of temporary grandstand seating or stalls. The bridge is a sculpture in which the ‘interior’ is as important as the ‘upper deck’. Four perforations in the sloping facades of the deck give access via two passageways under the bridge deck to the ‘interior space’. These passageways also function as transverse ties that absorb the horizontal thrust exerted by the arch effect in the deck. Four pairs of inclined concrete pillars support the pre-stressed concrete deck. The furniture, handrails and lighting are all integrated into the bridge deck, which is paved with brick tiles to create a sense of continuity between the deck surface and the quay.

Study: 2011-2012

Execution: 2014-2015


Engineering: NP-BRIDGING

Client: City of Nijmegen

Contractor: Combinatie I-Lent

Location: Nijmegen (NL)

Dimensions: 220m, 4.165m2

Total budget: 10 m€

Status: Completed

Copyrights Images: NP-Bridging, Thea Van Den Heuvel