Pavilion Green Capital 2018, Nijmegen (NL)

In 2018, the city of Nijmegen was elected European Green Capital by the European Commission. Therefore, Nijmegen asked NP-Bridging to design and build a temporary pavilion to welcome and inform Green Capital visitors from all over the world.
The design and structure of the pavilion is inspired by nature, it’s materials, logic and life cycle. This way of thinking results in another building method, based on the intrinsic qualities of the material and nature’s laws of compression and tension.

The pavilion construction has been conceived by placing tree trunks on top of the other in the form of an arc, the perfect reversed chain. The convergent form over the long axis is a consequence of the natural convergent form of trees. This encompasses perfectly our spirit of design: high-end enginee­ring and low-cost execution.In contrast to the ease of the concept, ironically, the execution of the pavilion was a technical challenge. The trees were “freshly” cut in the north of Holland and therefore still humid and shrinking after they were used in the pavilion. As a result, between the start and end of Green Capital 2018, the roof lowered 40cm. To resolve this issue, pre-stressing cables were installed inside of the trees and flexible, steel plates permitted to recalibrate tension during the shrinking process of the trees.Because of the modular structure, at the end of Green Capital 2018 the pavilion was taken apart and moved to another location. As of the summer of 2019, the pavilion will be rebuilt as a polyvalent space at  Steinerschool Lohrangrin Wilrijk.

Study: 2017-2018 Execution: 2018 Design: NP-BRIDGING / NEY & PARTNERS Engineering: NP-BRIDGING / NEY & PARTNERS Client: City of Nijmegen Dimensions: 62 m2 Total budget: 500 000 € Status: Completed Copyrights Images: NP-BRIDGING