Kalwa Station Promenade, Thane (IN)

In January 2012, the Indian city of Thane appointed NP-BRIDGING as consultant for the development of a vision for an ‘integrated urban plan’ for the bank of the River Thane. It involves a study along a 20 km stretch over a period of thirty years. What was initially presented as an untenable traffic problem – the implantation of a ‘bypass’ to relieve the pressure in the city centre – raised fundamental questions about the environment, ecology, air, water and noise pollution.

Our vision and ambition is to improve the quality of life for the residents of Thane. Integral thinking and design is the starting point. Our proposal excludes the inter-regional traffic from the city centre and aims to turn Thane into the largest green city in the province of Maharashtra. NP-BRIDGING has developed a pilot project for the first phase: a 3 km long urban promenade along the banks of the Thane Creek. This project includes a canopy in reinforced concrete that is both a shelter and a vantage point. Furthermore, it is an icon that provides an identity to this section of the river and acts as a symbol for the forthcoming innovation from the city centre. The promenade initiates the development of an urban vision for Thane born out of a comprehensive vision on mobility, architecture, ecology and urbanism.

Study: 2012

Execution: 2013


Engineers: NP-BRIDGING

Client: Thane Municipality Corporation

Location: Thane, India, Mumbai region

Status: Conceptual study

Copyright images: NP-BRIDGING