Graaf Allardsingel Cycle Bridge, Nijmegen (NL)

The cycle and pedestrian bridge runs in a serpentine movement over the Graaf Alardsingel. On the northern and southern abutments, the main steel span connects onto an earth path. The natural character of this earth path refers to that of the avenue and to the trees planned along the Alardsingel.

For pedestrians, an access point to each abutment is planned, which will provide a direct connection to the main span. The pedestrians circulate differently and form another motion pattern to the cyclists. The main steel span over the Graaf Alardsingel has a slim, elegant design which contrasts with the massive concrete section of the rail embankment. The steel structure is an integral box girder bridge with spans of 30m, 60m, 30m and two intermediate supports, positioned eccentrically in relation to the bridge deck above. There are no supports on the Graaf Alardsingel as a result of which the road has great flexibility and future adaptability. The detailing and aesthetics of the components, such as the parapet, the connection and integration of the LED lighting, the separation of the various user zones on the deck and the embankments, the water management on the bridge and the stairs, are all incorporated in the visual quality of the bridge. A sense of unity is created through the selection of only one material, namely stainless steel, for all of these components. The main span will, despite the hard materials, appear as natural as possible. All of the lines are smooth and organic. The colour of the main span is ‘spring green’. The posts of the handrail of both the main span and the stairs next to the access points refer to blades of grass and have the same spring colour.

Study: 2011

Execution: 2012-2013


Engineering: NP-BRIDGING

Client: City of Nijmegen

Contractor: Combinatie I-Lent

Location: Nijmegen (NL)

Dimensions: 120m, 669m2

Status: Completed

Copyright Images: NP-BRIDGING, Thea Van Den Heuvel