Chris Poulissen and Laurent Ney at HIDDEN ROOMS Dublin


Chris Poulissen and Laurent Ney guest speakers at HIDDEN ROOMS 25 & 26 November 2014 Dublin

HIDDEN ROOMS is a PIVOT Dublin Future Thinking event hosted by Dublin City Council (DCC), whereby they invite Dublin residents to come together to try to understand the social, cultural, economic and environmental challenges cities have to face and to find creative ways to determine responses to those challenges that will lead to the future well-being and prosperity of Dublin. In 16 separate HIDDEN ROOMS different topics will be discussed guided by a group of speakers from diverse design disciplines. Chris Poulissen and Laurent Ney were invited as guest speakers to attend the HIDDEN ROOMS event based on their expertise and their ground breaking activities, never afraid to try something new, something different, unlocking unexpectedly rich solutions to the complex, sometimes intractable issues faced by cities. Chris and Laurent will be leading the room discussing ‘The Resourceful City – leveraging infrastructure assets’.Want to read more: