Our Mission

NP-BRIDGING believes in taking an integral approach to the social questions that arise within complex infrastructure projects in combination with large-scale architecture and construction commissions. This approach is based on the belief that infrastructure (roads, buildings, architecture, etc.), landscapes and urban planning – as well as the spatial context and immediate surroundings of a construction site – must be designed, constructed and experienced as one coherent ensemble.

To implement this approach within the framework of ‘Design-Build-Finance-Maintenance’ (DBFM for short), sustainable partnerships are established via a multidisciplinary team that includes contractors, financial institutions, teams of specialists and consultants.

The vision and working method of NP-BRIDGING is based on innovative design born out of research into the proposition, cost efficiency of construction and maintenance, and communication – at all phases of the design, and with all parties. It is through this inventiveness and knowledge that we create designs with a signature. Our integrated approach and vision enriches the built and natural environment, and individuals, in a qualitative way and provides them with oxygen for the future.